Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Hot Seat – 23rd May

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a film family scion who has bagged a hot seat in the digital space. Everybody from the entertainment industry now wants her attention.

Unlike what a lot of people think, it is not easy for those born into film families to make it in Bollywood. While they get a break easily, it is difficult to make a mark for oneself. Many try to make it big, but end up making a fool of themselves. There are some who do reasonably well, but owing to their lineage are called failures by audiences & journos alike(click here to read more). Only a few make it to the A-list. But it is human tendency to look at only the super successful & build perceptions. There is only one family which boasts of a four generations of successful stars in Bollywood, which almost 100 years old!

But we are happy for the lady mentioned in this blind item. Showbiz is a high stakes game, which garners a lot of attention. Be it your successes or your failures, the whole world knows about it. Now is her time to bask in her success. You Go Girl!

Blind Item
THREE cheers for this sweet and charming young lady who hails from a film family. For decades, she has tried to prove herself but with little success. Although she’s friends with the who’s who in the business, she’s had a rather scattered career. But now she has bagged a rather hot seat in the digital space. Lo and behold, every producer and director is now at her door, asking for an appointment to share their scripts.

Our Guess
Young Lady: Srishti Behl
Hot Seat in Digital Space: Netflix, Indian Content Head

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