Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Inebriated Actor – 22nd Feb

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who is making a spectacle of himself by turning up inebriated for interviews.

He dumped his long time sweeetheart after he made it big in the movies. They were living in together. But theu had started fighting too often. There were news reports of them arguing loudly at parties.Both were known to be alcoholics. She was totally heart broken when the breakup happened. He wasted no time in moving on to a young actress. He cheated on her & even physically abused her. But she still stuck by him. But when news reports of him acting fresh with his teenage co-star surfaced, she dumped him. She has since been linked up with a producer who recently got married, an ageing star & a greek god superstar(click here to read more). Phew!

Meanwhile our hero seems to be feeling lonely. His last movie was a hit & his career seems to be going great guns. He had a huge MeToo scare, but luckily survived it. We hope he mends his ways, learns to respect women & gets his life back on track.

Blind Item

THIS actor is intent on making a nuisance of himself. After making a spectacle of himself at every party, and being dumped by his girlfriend, we hear he has hit the bottle with a vengeance. His next film’s promotions have seen him show up inebriated for interviews. He was slapped on the wrist by his director recently, and warned that all his interviews would be stopped if he didn’t sober up.

Our Guess

Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput


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