Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Instagram Celebrity – 23rd March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an instagram celebrity.
Her grandad made several movies & TV shows. He was renowned for his mythological shows in the 90’s. Color television was a relatively new concept in socialist India back then. People used to crowd around the TV, which was available in only one out of 10 households in urban India. Goes without saying that his mythological shows were huge hits with a massive fan following. The actors starring in his shows actors became overnight celebs. It was rumored that her grandad made 100 crores through one such show. In 90’s India, that was an unheard sum.
She on the other hand is an instagram celebrity thanks to her steamy pics. She has followers in lakhs. She posts several pics everyday & all of them receive thousands of likes. Her cleave can be labelled a national obsession. She was rumored to be involved in a cat fight with another teenager celeb daughter. Like our instangram celebrity, she too is one in her own right. But her pics are not as titillating as compared to our instagram celebrity.

Blind Item

THIS darling daughter of a major movie family is so enjoying her moment in the sun. By which we mean virtual spotlight, as she is quite a social-media star, thanks to her steamy pics with an actor’s son not too long ago. But now we see her soliciting business via promotions on her social media page. Almost every other week, she sends out a request post asking brands to message her directly for promotions. There haven’t been any as yet, for some reason. But maybe brands are slow like that.

Our Guess
Darling Daughter: Sakshi Chopra

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