Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Item Numbers – 12th Nov

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress who was trying her luck in Hollywood, but is now back to doing item numbers in Bollywood.

While one female star has successfully crossed over to Hollywood, there are several who have tried their luck in Hollywood but failed. This one supposed “world renowned beauty” spent millions on PR to portray that she is a big thing in Hollywood & that everyone is aware about her beauty. Truth be told, barely 1 out of 10 Americans know about her. Barring guest appearances, she couldn’t land a single role worth mentioning. The current reigning queeen of Bollywood too couldn’t make much of an impact. It is only this one movie star turned Hollywood TV star, who has managed to make it there. She is about to get married to a singing sensation whose career is on the wane. Let’s see how long their marriage lasts(click here to read more).

The star in question has always faced flak for her acting prowess or the lack of it thereof. She could make a mark in Bollywood, thanks to the support provided by her powerful ex-BF cum all time “close friend”. But she couldn’t find a similar anchor in Hollywood. While she is a stunning beauty, her limited acting talent probably was the deal breaker. But aren’t we happy that she is back in Bollywood, giving us glimpses of her “jawaani”!

Blind Item

A beautiful leading actor’s ambition is getting the better of her career. She has been trying to sell herself as an “international movie star” in Hollywood in a bid to try and bag a film or two there. Our lady, who was obviously inspired by the success of a few Indian actors, thought she was striking a hot iron. But alas, all her trips to the City of Angels came to naught. She’s back in the Bay doing what she does best: shimmy up an item number.

Our Guess

Leading Actor: Katrina Kaif


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