Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)-Sponsored Honeymoon – 11th Dec

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about this couple who are on a sponsored honeymoon abroad. The bourgeois ie going on a honeymoon sponsored by the hotel, in exchange for social media posts is one thing, but celebs?

The hubby is a cricketer & was on the team which lifted the world cup. He was earlier dating a danseuse cum actor. But they broke up, post allegations of him cheating on her. He then moved on to this actress, who is now his wife. Looks like he does have a thing for tall & fair women. But again, who doesn’t?
The wife on the other hand made quite an impact with her debut film. But she disappeared from the big screen, barring a few hindi & regional movies. She paid the price for not seducing a top star or not succumbing to overtures made by sleazy producers. Like they say, it is not easy to make it in Bollywood just on the basis of your talent alone.

Blind Item
STRANGE are the ways of celebrity these days. When once they were hard to access from afar, now their publicity machinery ensures they remain famous even when not in the limelight. As in the case of this former cricketer who recently married a former actor. Not ones to shy away from public glare even in their private moments, these two have succumbed to the lure of celeb-dom: a sponsored holiday. We hear their honeymoon at a luxurious beach resort is no short of a junket, and all the loved up couple has to do is post pictures on their social media sites. It isn’t a new idea in this marketing-savvy world, but it’s still a point to ponder over.

Our Guess:
Celeb Couple: Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge