Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Leggy Beauty’s Affair – 20th Aug

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a leggy beauty who is having an affair with a southern actor.

Her item number is a rage across the country. The song led to a good initial at the box office as well. She sure must be enjoying her moment under the sun. Not too long ago she was heartbroken to find that her BF was cheating on her with his friend of many years. She found out only when her BF impregnated his GF & had no option but to tell the world(click here to read more). Her now ex-BF then went on to have a low key marriage with his GF.

We are sure he must be repenting his actions now that she is so popular. While his wife is a has been, his ex-gf is on her way up. Karma is a bitch!

We are not sure about the southern actor mentioned in this blind item. There is only one name we could think of. But the problem is that he is married. But when has that ever stopped women from falling in love?

Blind Item
THIS lovely siren is suddenly the name on everyone’s lips, provided they can pronounce it, that is. But never mind that — the leggy beauty, who has already made her movie debut, is said to be having a scene with a southern actor, the same guy who made a major film about being dysfunctional. A liaison with a southern actor is of paramount importance, since the siren is seeking to make a lavish film there soon. Besides, the said hero has as many as seven releases this year alone.

Our Guess
Leggy Beauty: Nora Fatehi
Southern Actor: Dulquer Salmaan

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