Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Little Secret – 5th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a hot actress who has a little secret – she dated a TV star before dating a young superstar.

This hot actress has a huge following on social media. She does manage to titillate her followers with her risque pics. Her career looks promising, considering she has bagged some major projects. She recently got into trouble for copy pasting a message sent by a brand manager on her social media handle. She was trolled badly for it(click here to read more).

Her BF is a star kid, who is now a bonafide action star. They have been going steady for quite sometime. While he comes across as painfully shy on TV, he is known to be very rude off camera. There is a article posted by an airport security staff on social media, about his/her interactions with celebs. That person mentions that this action star is very mean. He even got called out for being two faced by his GF!(click here to read more)

Ironically, the most successful celebs are very polite. Two of the three reigning superstar triumvirate, the young heartthrob, the newly married superstar couple all are very nice even off camera. But being nice off camera or being a nice person sadly doesn’t translate to big box office figures

Blind Item

ONE of our most beautiful leading ladies is keeping a little secret. Just before she began dating one of our hunkiest young men, she was keeping company with an actor from a television series. We hear the two were rather serious about each other. Soon enough, the leggy lass found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with one of his buddies. The heroine was quick to dump him and hook up with the hunk.

Our Guess

Leading Lady: Disha Patani
Hunk: Tiger Shroff
TV star: Parth Samthaan


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