Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Love Gone Sour – 24th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young couple whose love has gone sour before it even picked up steam.

Sometimes we wonder for whom Mirror posts these blind items. Their blind items are so vague! Look at the blind item below. There is no clue as to whether the celebs in question are cricketers or movie stars or singers. The only hint is that the young man likes to post videos of himself. That one clue is barely enough to make a guess!

But we think it is about this young star, who has a movie coming up. Media has been particularly interested in his relationship status with a star kid, who said on national television that she would like to date him(click here to read more). Since then he has coyly mentioned that he would like to have coffee with the star kid. But then he was seen going out with another debutante as well. The star kid’s mother is a fiesty woman & is capable of giving anybody a piece of her mind. But the funniest thing is that the young star was rumored to have tried his luck with the star kid’s step mom as well!

Blind Item

A young love seems to have gone sour even before it picked up steam. We hear the attention-seeking young man, forever posting his own videos, had made some private ones with the young lady, too. The girl’s mom got to hear of it and called him up and gave him the yelling of a lifetime, and then she phoned his mom and made her do the same. Soon enough, all pictures and videos were duly deleted.

Our Guess

Young Man: Kartik Aaryan
Young Lady: Sara Ali Khan


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