Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Magazines Over Movies – 10th April

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about a female actor who chose to feature on a magazine cover over roles in movies. She is the only one to choose magazines over movies!
There have been reports of this female star letting success go to her head. She has starred in three hits. None of her movies have flopped till date. The content in her movies is always good. She did indeed work hard on her roles & she was convincing. But she is no sexy siren & she knows that. She probably wants to change that notion by appearing on magazine covers.
But her stardom is thanks to her association with a huge studio, who gave her good roles. Had it not been for the studio head, she would have been struggling for lead roles. She would be the heroine’s BFF or sister at best. Instead of sticking to her mentor, she is moving away from him just to appear glamorous. We think it will be a huge blunder. In Bollywood it not just your talent, but whom you know & is ready to back you is what matters. If there are no movies, then no one will bother to put you on the magazine cover sweetheart!

Blind Item
A leading lady, rather successful in those independent ‘contentdriven’ films that are so popular these days, will soon bid adieu to her mentor studio. It seems she isn’t too happy with the publicity they have been fetching her, and is hoping to figure out her career by herself. We hear the last straw was the studio disallowing a fashion magazine cover shoot that had been organised for her by a third party. If you ask us, though, we’d choose the movies over magazines any day.

Our Guess
Leading Lady: Bhumi Pednekar
Studio: YRF

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