Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Male Lead – 4th Sept

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item the male lead of movie, who is calling the shots on the sets of an upcoming film.

His latest release is a hit. He is riding the crest of a wave thanks to several critically acclaimed hits. He is counted among the top 3-4 stars of Bollywood. Now thanks to box office standing, he is even more sought after by female stars & producers alike. That explains why he gets to call the shots on all aspects of movie making. It does help that he is known for his weakness for women(click here to read more)

It is sad how female stars are still at the mercy of their male counterparts. Bollywood is full of stories of powerful men destroying careers of female stars for not toeing their line. We have heard of this one family man actor turned producer who was nudging an actress to sleep with the leading man. He reportedly told her “Bas sone ke liye to bol raha hai, itna kya natak kar rahi hai!

Blind Item
WE honestly don’t know how filmmakers manage multi-starrers. If it isn’t the actors doing their best to outdo each other, it’s the heroines. Take the case of this upcoming comedy franchise. We hear the two lead female stars are vying for the attention of their hero, a popular star, in a bid to increase their screen time. Now why won’t they do the same with the film’s producer, you ask. Because the male lead is the one that calls the shots around here.

Our Guess:
Female Stars: Kriti Sanon & Kriti Kharbanda
Popular Star: Akshay Kumar
Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala