Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Marriage On The Rocks – 11th May

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor whose marriage is on the rocks

follow url The actor was dating a female actor for a decade. There were rumors of both of them cheating on each other during the 10 year old relationship. He had a fling with the current reigning superstar’s then GF when they shot for a film together & several others. While she had flings with a footballer, a star with royal lineage & a South Indian actor. Sources inform that she had flings just to get his attention & because she was hurt due to his philandering ways. He broke up with his actor GF of several years to marry his wife. But he couldn’t keep it in his pants, even post getting married. There were rumors that he used to flirt with fans seeking his autograph & ask the good looking ones to come over to his house. But despite these rumors his marriage has survived for so long. But sadly for for the actor even his Bollywood career is on the wane & is on its last legs. A few flops more & he will be history.

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WHILE rumours have long abounded about the status of this actor’s marriage – detractors often said it’s on the rocks, even when it wasn’t — we hear a separation announcement is on its way. The star and his missus, who prefer to stay away from the limelight, have apparently hit a bad curve and have called time on their marriage. It would be rather unfortunate for the handsome actor, although his legion of female fans would be rejoicing.

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Handsome Actor: John Abraham
Missus: Priya Runchal For the latesh TV Shows & Movies click here

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