Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – MCP Superstar – 22nd March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar who is a complete MCP (Male Chauvinist Pig)

He is married with three kids. He never bothered to hide his own marriage, but is unhappy over his female colleague’s marriage. It is sad how female actors are treated post their marriage. It took another celebrated actor 5 years to deliver a hit post her marriage. But the times are changing. Many senior female actors are offered plum roles. Case in point – the superstar wives of current superstars. One among them recently delivered a baby & got back to work in a few months.
While the relationship status of the heroine makes no difference in Hollywood, it is a deal breaker in Bollywood. Audiences need to warm up to married heroines. Like they say – every country deserves its actors & their cinema.

The male superstar who is being a ass is not going through a good phase personally or professionally. He had a huge fight with the wife, post his ex-GF indirectly admitting that they were in a relationship to a tabloid. We have heard rumors that his third child is actually his grandchild! The superstar used to be the perennial award show host. He used to poke fun of all actors, film maker whose movies had flopped. But now that his own films are flopping, he has been refusing to host award shows. Such a hypocrite! Now you know why we love the womanizing numero uno more than him.

Blind Item
AN upcoming, big-ticket movie has got its lead actor’s knickers in a knot. Turns out his female co-star has gone ahead and gotten married, and this has him rather vexed. He was overheard telling a colleague that married women don’t draw crowds (yes, we curled our toes, too). So his new game-plan is to share posts with his second-lead heroine. Clever, no?

Our Guess
Lead Actor: Shahrukh Khan
Married Co-star: Anushka Sharma
Second Lead: Katrina Kaif
Movie: Zero

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