Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – #MeToo Boomerang – 4th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a director who encouraged a woman to out someone under the #MeToo movement, but is now facing the consequences.

After a long time Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item. We wonder what took them so long. Anyway, the blind item speaks about this loudmouth director. Sources who have met him claim that he was dating a 22 yr old sometime back( he is in late 40’s). He behaved like he was totally smitten. It was weird considering he is twice divorced & is a father to a 20 yr old himself!

But all said & done, that is his personal space. As long as the girl in question doesn’t have an issue, we are nobody to question them. His colleague on the other hand has been outed under the #MeToo movement & has suffered the consequences(click here to read more). He was sacked as the director of a promising biopic. But there were rumors that he is still involved in the project. This apparently made the hero’s dad go mad.

Blind Item

#METOO stings both ways, and a movie producer is learning this the hard way. He had rallied behind a survivor to bring her sexual harasser, one of his colleagues, to book recently by encouraging her to come out and speak her truth. Now, we hear, the colleague is lining up a bunch of women the producer has had affaires de coeur with to gather dirt on him. Nope, #MeToo isn’t dead, it’s going to be bigger and badder this year.

Our Guess

Producer: Anurag Kashyap
Colleague: Vikas Bahl


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