Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Miss Jerk – 3rd Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about an actress, who is is an ex Miss World. We would rather refer to her as ‘Miss Jerk’, owing to her being a complete jerk to her staff.
Many articles have been written about the daughter-in-law of the first family of Bollywood & the way she treats her staff. Reams of newsprint has been devoted to her beauty. But, what people don’t know is she is a very manipulative, selfish & a toxic person to be around. She treats her staff like dirt. She is known to be very arrogant & thinks no end of herself. She has proven to be inauspicious to every actor who dated her.
Situation at home is not as hunky-dory as it looks. Mom-in-law is a notorious drunkard. It is common knwoledge that they don’t get along well. Pa-in-law is still dating his heroine, whom the world thinks is no longer his dame. Truth is they go on a vacay together once every year. Mom-in-law finds this difficult to digest & drinks to get over the pain. Husband has seen his career do down the toilet post delivering a few hits. He is now the second or third lead in multi starrers. The diva’s career is not going great guns either. Truth be told, it was just a few big hits which created a hype around her. Most of her movies were flops.It is a house of cards!

Blind Item
A female actor, who is enjoying her comeback to films, seems to be under a lot of stress lately. Sure she’s never been particularly polite to her staff and associates, but this new screeching avatar is becoming a bit tedious to handle. She shows up on the sets and complains about her hair, her makeup, her costumes, her vanity van, her dialogues and basically everything to do with the film. Then she blames the staff for her bad mood, saying, “Guys, you are turning me into my mother-in-law.” Glad to see she still has her sense of humour.

Our Guess:
Female Actor: Aishwarya Rai

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