Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Mommy’s Boy – 4th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young superstar who is a complete mommy’s boy.

Most of bollywood folk don’t want their sons to marry their heroines. The heroines, especially the first generation ones mostly have to sleep around to get an entry into bollywood & then have to sleep around to bag plum projects. The star kid heroines on the other hand are a spoilt lot, who have a reputation of sleeping around with their heroes. The crux of the matter is in the last few lines of the blind item. The mommy’s don’t mind their sons f%&$ing around with their heroines, but don’t want them to become a part of their family. Double standards much?

Most second generation stars are pressurized to marry outsiders, who have a “good history”. It doesn’t matter that their sons are coke addicts, who hook up with everything that moves.

Blind Item

THIS youth icon in his early 30s who’s all set to marry his childhood sweetheart is apparently something of a Mommy’s Boy, your diarist has learnt. Though the actor, who’s apparently one of the highest paid celebrities today, grew up in a filmy household, his mother was quite clear about what ‘sort of woman’ he may marry. The actor and his brother, a popular director, were apparently both told, in no uncertain terms, that while they may do anything and date anyone, “Do not bring me a Bollywood bahu.”

Our Guess

Youth Icon: Varun Dhawan
Brother: Rohit Dhawan


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