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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Nay Nay – 19th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who said nay to a guest appearance in an upcoming movie.
The junior among the two actors has been bagging plum projects lately. One might wonder whether it is her beauty or her acting talents, which help her in bagging these projects. Truth is she is hooking up with a married producer, who is a Bollywood biggie. She is is a permanent fixture in all the movies produced by him.
It is weird how she was introduced to Bollywood biggie by the actor son of the erstwhile CM of our state. Post hooking up with him for a while, she moved on to his director friend. The actor son was in a committed relationship with another Bollywood sweetheart. There were even rumors that he & his director buddy were bisexual. Anyway, the director buddy & our hot female actor were in a relationship for a few years. She starred in all movies directed by him. But thanks to his arrogance he lost favor with all the top stars in Bollywood. Soon he became a pariah in the movie industry. Our hottie shrewdly moved on to the director’s buddy – the married producer of his movies. Ironically they are namesakes!

A few hours after posting this article, we saw another article on the same lines on Pinkvilla. The Pinkvilla article has also been added to this article to provide more gossip to our readers

Blind Item
STARS share practically everything on their photosharing sites—from what they eat for breakfast to the view of their homes to their looks in different films to even the obvious announcements. But this is the sort of news that you’d never hear about. A young leading lady, who’s performing a remake of an iconic song in her next film, had asked the original heroine to shoot a promotional video with her. The request was made several times, but each time the senior heroine said she was travelling or didn’t have dates. It took a while for the current actress to come to terms with the fact that a ‘too busy’ also means ‘no’.

Our Guess
Young Leading Lady: Jacqueline Fernandes
Original Heroine: Madhuri Dixit

Blind Item(Pinkvilla)
Bitching in Bollywood is very common and has been going on for years. While on the face of it, this is one big industry, but behind the backs, it’s all farce. This incident is the best example of the hollowness our B-town stars have for each other.

Recently, a yesteryear diva, known for her moves and her tantrums, was heard gossiping with her group of friends a week after she was shown the recreated version of her evergreen song!

Naturally, she was shocked with the content she got to see but the lady in question has always kept away from the controversies. Hence she had all good things to say to the new actress featuring in it and the makers of the movie. A source in the know told us that the actress praised the song and also demanded to be tagged in the tweets that went out from the team. However, later the actress was seen giving a different version of the song to her industry friends.

‘She is just there for the skin show’ was one of the statements that yesteryear actress was heard making followed by, ‘why else is she there? No moves, no expressions!’ She didn’t stop here and went on to compare this sexy lady to another young actress, who also danced to another recreated version of her song.

Well, we don’t need to tell you’ll as to who impressed the diva better! Though we are not surprised with what the actress said, we are just wondering how has it gone down with the sexy woman in question? Cat fights aren’t a passe yet!

Our Guess:
Another Younger Actress: Aalia Bhatt

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