Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Newfound Singledom – 25th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who is enjoying his newfound singledom to the hilt thanks to the attention he is getting from other women.

Another week & another fake blind item. We pity bollywood fans who fall for such nonsense. It is an open secret that he is dating the big shot filmmaker, who has a penchant for planting such fake stories. Sometimes it indeed does get difficult to tell whether his stories are genuine or fake. For example, we keep wondering about the IT couple of bollywood. Is the young heartthrob casanova really dating this young super talented actress? There are several from the industry who have told us that the relationship is fake.

What is laughable is how their mentor is trying to paint a picture that his BF is sulking because his GF left him for another man. People have forgotten that she was linked up to another co-star just a few weeks before getting linked up to the young heartthrob. She was rumored to be heartbroken when the said co-star broke up with her to be with his childhood sweetheart. But they are now working on a movie project & there seems to be no hint of tension between them!

Blind Item

EVEN as his girlfriend has moved on to greener pastures (by which we mean a more successful hero for a boyfriend), this young man doesn’t look too bad himself. We hear his newfound singledom is being celebrated to the hilt, and that he has become the latest go-to guy for every young thing in Bollywood (also a couple of not-so-young things). Sounds like a win-win for all, except this one starlet who has just gifted him a painting. She’s waiting for him to put it up, but we think he doesn’t want anything of hers in his house other than a toothbrush.

Our Guess

GF: Alia Bhatt
More Successful Hero: Ranbir Kapoor
Starlet: Kiara Advani


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