Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Newly Single – 15th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a newly single actor who is trying to rekindle her romance with her ex-bf.

The first time he broke up with her was over whatsapp. She was distraught & suffered a nervous breakdown. He was earlier dating this star kid with a famous sibling. But that too didn’t work out after she asked for a pre-nup. It was then that the actor in question met him. After breaking up, they rekindled their romance once again. But as luck would have it, the BF’s sis-in-law was against the relationship. The sis-in-law a popular actor herself, was dating his brother when he was very much married to his childhood sweetheart. Her recent appearance & behaviour at a celebrity show which featured several prominent actors made people cringe.

The second time around the female actor in question dumped the actor & went to the US to be with someone else. This was after her then BF’s mother agreed to his choice & the fact that they were living in together. There were rumors that she was pregnant recently. But she angrily quashed those rumors. She in now in town to promote one of the few films she stars in. We do hope the relationship works this time around.

Blind Item

A newly single actor, who is currently in the city to promote her upcoming film, has gotten in touch with her famous ex-boyfriend. We hear he reached out to her after learning that she was visiting Mumbai, and expressed a desire to rekindle their romance. Since she is also mending a broken heart – she called time on her last relationship mere weeks ago – the actor has been seeking out his friendship, too. They have been meeting quietly at his house and, from what we hear, a rebound is on the cards.

Our Guess

Newly Single Actor: Nargis Fakhri
Upcoming Film: Amaavas
Actor: Uday Chopra


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