Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Nursing Old Wounds – 26th Sept

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about two superstars who are still nursing old wounds.

He was a superstar with god gifted talent. He was the king of comedy. But thanks to his unprofessional conduct he fell out of favor with filmmakers. While everyone put up with him when his movies were hits, producers avoided him after his movies started flopping. He was devoted to his mother. His love for his mother was the reason why he broke up with several actresses & got back to his wife. One of his conquests included the current wife a studio boss. He & his brother often fell for the same women. We heard that this actor would converse with his post her death!Even his frequent collaborator was fed up of him & stopped casting him for his projects. He recently made an unsuccessful comeback.

He was in the news for falling out with his celebrity nephew & his actor wife. Guess the wife’s revealing clothes & outgoing nature did not sit well with the superstar & his wife. He fought with the other superstar mentioned in the blind item over him committing to launch his daughter & then backing off. We wonder why he did that! Sources insist it is because of his daughter lacking screen presence.

The other superstar is the reigning superstar of Bollywood. He has a harem full of women to pick & choose for his movies. His GF has made peace with the fact that he is not capable of monogamy. That explains why he is freely spending time with his ex(click here to read more). He is also rumored to have spent crores on gifting a flat in Bandra to one of his co-stars. She is also regularly cast opposite him. It does pay to “get close” to him! Ask the female star who is part of the the third movie of a hit franchise. She is rumored to have seduced him despite being decades younger than him!

Blind Item
THESE two senior actors, once great friends, are still nursing old wounds. Even though the duo made one of the most famous and beloved pairs in the business, their fans had long given up hopes of them ever working together. The two stars were recently invited on the sets of a reality show to promote their upcoming films. The producers of the show and officials from the channel it airs on were hoping that the two would let bygones be bygones. But they were informed that the stars refused to appear together.

Our Guess:
Senior Actors: Govinda & Salman Khan