Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Older Child – 4th July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the older child of an actor who recently divorced his wife.

Divorce is tough on kids. The fact that the father is largely responsible for the divorce will obviously anger any child & celeb kids are no different.That the father is hooking up with a brazilian model, who is just a few years older than her might have caused her even more pain & anguish(click here to read more)

The mother is painted as a saint in the media. But the truth couldn’t be farther from it. Truth is she & her gang of A-lister WAG’s were known for their love for the white substance & young actors. But such news will never get printed unless an insider shares some scandalous pics.

Blind Item
A recent split between a good-looking actor and his talented wife had sent shockwaves through the industry, simply because their long-standing marriage seemed to be as solid as a rock. Although it appears that both parties involved have moved on in their respective love lives, their two children are still struggling. The older child is said to be quite a rebel, and barely speaks to the father. We hear the actor is quite troubled by her anger and is attempting to mend bridges with her.

Our Guess
Good Looking Actor: Arjun Rampal
Talented Wife: Mehr Jessia
Older Child: Myrrah

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