Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Outsourced – 10th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a interior designer cum celebrity wife who outsources her assignments to professionals.

She was caught carrying drugs abroad & her husband had to make several calls to bail her out. He ensured this news got buried & was not published by Indian news media outlets. The wife’s drug addiction increased post her superstar husband’s affair came to light. Like other superstar wives she too tried to milk her husband’s stardom to win interior designing contracts. But while one action superstar’s wife really has a knack for designing houses, the one mentioned in the blind item & other star wives comes across as an over hyped ones. Deep down we guess, all these wives know that they would be nobodies without their husband’s fame. A ex-star wife who divorced her husband over his cheating ways will agree.

We hope this star wife stops snorting cocaine & concentrates on her work.

Blind Item

SEVERAL wives of famous actors seek out professions of their own. While some take up jewellery design, yet others turn to home décor and interiors. One such lovely lady has been getting a lot of big assignments lately. But we hear that most of her work is barely done by her. Instead, it is outsourced to another firm. Stealing credit or giving jobs to others? Your guess is as good as ours.

Our Guess

Lovely Lady: Gauri Khan


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