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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Pants Down – 3rd August

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a senior actor who was caught with his pants down with a female actor.

In his recently released biopic, the ex-superstar has no qualms in admitting that he is a womanizer. He has always had trouble keeping it in his pants. That explains the 300+ women that he has bedded.Even his best friend’s GF is game for him. Goes without saying that this ex-superstar is one selfish prick.He seems like an overgrown man-c He is not alone. Most celebs are known to self centred & care very little for others. It is sad how people go to extreme lengths for their stars who many a times don’t deserve such adulation. But then if we were given so much money, power, adulation how many of us would remain true to our character?

This is the second blind item which speaks about his wife’s dalliance with a singer(click here to read more). While he was rotting in jail, she was living it up with the singer.

Blind Item
DESPITE their excessive PDA and several house parties, all doesn’t seem to be well with this senior Bollywood couple. While there have been rumours of her canoodling with a popular and handsome singer, he, it seems, is back with his age-old problem of keeping his pants up. We hear the missus recently caught the husband getting cosy with a younger female actor who does have a penchant for older men. A massive fight ensued, and she has instructed her husband not to work with the female actor again. That doesn’t seem to be such a tall task, since neither have many films in their kitty.

Our Guess
Senior Couple: Sanjay & Manyata Dutt
Female Actor: Mahi Gill

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