Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Preparatory Workshops – 11th Mar

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress who refused to attend preparatory workshops for an upcoming film & was almost chucked out of the movie!

While preparatory workshops are the norm in Hollywood, the concept is still new to Bollywood. The superstars feel its beneath them to attend preparatory workshops is beneath them. Especially if the reigning superstar, who fancies himself as a one take actor. While newcomers don’t have much of a say, they grow wings once they taste success(click here to read more). They feel these workshops are a waste of time. They are god’s gift to the entertainment world after all!

These preparatory workshops are a boon to both filmmakers & the audiences. On one hand the performances of the actors improve, a lot of chinks are taken care of & the audiences too get a much refined product. Its a win-win for everyone involved.

Blind Item

THIS young actress, quite the toast of the movie industry, thanks to her drop-dead looks and her mega hits, almost lost out on an upcoming plum project. She was signed up to star in a film that required preparatory workshops. But this nubile star was sure she didn’t need them. It’s only when the filmmaker told her she would be out if she didn’t attend that she decided to show up.

Our Guess

Young Actress: Sara Ali Khan Or Alia Bhatt


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