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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Producer’s Father – 3rd July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a top producer’s father who had to intervene & ask a superstar to sign the latest installment of their hit franchise.

We are bit perplexed by the superstar this blind item is hinting at. The superstar we think it mentions has built his career on romance & drama. The hit franchise mentioned in the blind item is the only action thriller which comes to mind.

The superstar who was once the reigning superstar of the country has been going through a rough patch. Several of his movies have flopped lately. The ones that succeeded haven’t done as well as they should have. But we certainly don’t miss his numero uno days, when he himself would declare that he is the King Of Bollywood! We despised him for his arrogance. You may hate the current reigning superstar, but one has to admit that he is not half as arrogant as the superstar mentioned in this blind item(click here to read more).

The producer mentioned in the blind item has been more in the news for his love affairs than his work. He has recently been through a divorce. His wife is rumored to be dating a restaurateur, while he was dating a much younger female star. The younger star apparently dumped on the advice of their family astrologer(click here to read more). They both had been struggling in their careers since the time they started dating each other. Last heard the producer was in a friends with benefits relationship with an NRI.

With neither the superstar nor the producer being at the top of their game we doubt whether the next installment of the hit franchise will succeed. The only actor from the franchise who has grown in her career has been axed from the project.

Blind Item
NOT too many people have refused to work with this top Bollywood producer who has delivered several big hits in his career. But one of Bollywood’s biggest stars did have a problem when the producer approached him recently for the latest installment of a hit franchise. The actor apparently wants to move away from his past successes, which have mostly been spurred by comedy dramas and action thrillers, and only stick to meaningful movies. Ultimately, the producer’s father, who is much respected in the film industry, had to step in and request the actor to take up the role.

Our Guess
Biggest Star: Shahrukh Khan
Hit Franchise: Don
Producer: Farhan Akhtar

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