Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Property Tussle – 28th Feb

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about the property tussle between two bollywood superstars.

While the country is engrossed in the Indo-Pak war at the border, a tussle did take place in Bollywood as well. It was a property tussle between a greek god superstar & a “khiladi” superstar. Their first tussle was a few years back, when their movies clashed together. The khiladi superstar came out trumps. While the khiladi’s movie was a hit, the greek god’s movie sank without a trace. Sadly for fans of the greek god, he has lost round two as well.

Looks like the greek god has lost his will to succeed after his personal life started crumbling. His last movie did decent business. But it was not in the league of superhits that he is expected to deliver. He is in the news mainly for his several vacations with his kids & ex-wife. An actress’ outspokenness too keeps him in the news. He has one film up for release, but there are several controversies surrounding it. We hope that it works. Because we are tired seeing him lose one battle after another.

The khiladi on the other hand, has everything going his way. He silenced women who wanted to out him & his movie lineup looks promising(click here to read more)

Blind Item

TWO friends and neighbours, both well-established film stars, are in a bit of a property dispute. Both had their eyes on an unoccupied flat in their apartment complex. One actor wanted to purchase it for his ex wife, so he could be closer to his kids, while the other one wanted it as an investment. The latter actor has picked up the flat, and now the two are, well, not on talking terms.

Our Guess

Film Stars: Akshay Kumar & Hrithik Roshan


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