Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Relishing His Singledom – 14th Nov

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a superstar who has been relishing his singledom by having one night stands with a bollywood hottie.

He was on the verge of dethroning the khans & claiming the crown of box office king several times. But everytime he came close, his choice of films or lack of films led to the challenge withering away. He is supremely talented, has greek god looks, was born into a bollywood family & has millions of fans. But fate has not been on his side for the past few years, as far as his recent run at the box office is concerned. A lot has to do with his attention getting diverted to personal issues – mainly his divorce & his coke habit.

He cheated on his wife of several years(click here to read more). But unlike other star wives, she left him. This led to him being distraught & not signing too many films. The ones that he did sign, either flopped or failed to achieve the level of success he is accustomed to. The younger lot has now been playing catch up. But in bollywood, one can never predict. A few hits & he may be back to being the No.1 challenger for the crown. For that he will have to act in at least two movies a year. Doing one movie a year won’t get him anywhere. Not everybody can pull of an Aamir!

Blind Item

THIS talented actor with the looks of a Greek God and feet that can match Fred Astaire’s step for step, has been relishing his recent singledom. Well, that, and then some. It seems the star (who is often high on more than just life) had a one-nighter some months ago with one of Bollywood’s hottest women. Since it was entirely consensual, and the lady too is newly single, it was frankly no one else’s business. But what caught our attention was the plaint that the said actor was, erm, not on terra firma. And that he had no recollection of the lady the next morning. Is this what they call being done and dusted these days?

Our Guess

Talented Actor: Hrithik Roshan
Lady: Kriti Sannon/Katrina Kaif


8 thoughts on “Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Relishing His Singledom – 14th Nov

  • November 14, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    Several times? Really? First, u say he divorced due to Suzanne coke habit. Then, u say, she cheated on him with Arjun. Now, u say, he has coke habit and he cheated. The link u shared has nothing to do with “cheating” but about a film. And how is that Barbara, Kareena have all denied the rumors so many times, yet media keeps repeating the lies. Hv u even seen him with them alone? Even the Kangana issue proved he was victim of stalking. Katrina n he were linked up after he was single and it too fizzled out as she moved in with Ranbir after Bang Bang. Like they say, your perception of him has more to do with ur own life. Maybe u expect that all will be like you.

    • November 14, 2018 at 10:21 pm

      1. There were rumors that Suzanne cheated on him with Arjun. Neither I nor my sources from Bollywood have seen them together, but the rumors were there. Suzanne did have & continues to have a coke problem. So does Hrithik. It is alleged that Hrithik’s mom & Suzanne too didn’t get along well.
      2. What do you expect? Why will Barbara or Kareena accept that they hooked up with Hrithik. He was a married man.
      3. He truly was the victim in the Kangana episode. Otherwise he wouldn’t be the first one to go to the cops.
      4. Katrina was caught strolling with Hrithik at 4AM on a deserted beach. There were strong rumors of an affair. She must have lied to Ranbir about it. Who knows.
      5. My perception/information is based on what is published in newspapers, magazines & online portals. None of these rumors are started by me.

      • November 16, 2018 at 8:02 pm

        Rumors and Blinds are very very easy to plant due to Corruption in Media. Didnt we all see how all through 2015, Kangana was planting blinds of dating newly single Hot guy Hrithik, that she is decorating his home, that she is joining him in Maldives, that she was having a liason with Ranbir and what not?

        Now, we know that all those blinds were fake and planted by her!

        Kareena and Barbara denied. Neither have media spotted them. Same denied by every party involved. So, what is there to believe? Just bcoz people look good together onscreen does not mean they are dating in real life. Same happened with Kat rumors. Why would any Celebrity roam at 4 am in a public beach with girlfriend of his colleague? And how come there is no paparazzi pics? Hope you know even those blinds came AFTER his divorce. But, I still remember Hrithik dismissing the rumors indirectly in a tweet. Also, wat made it funnier was Katrina was not even in India that time and was with Ranbir.

        Same way, I dont think affair rumors of Arjun are true. But, i believe the Coke rumors of Sussanne is true. Hrithik has cut all ties with Arjun n Mehr since his separation. THAT is where the issue is. Her entire family were always by HIS side even back then and even to this day. Infact, it is funny that you say Hrithik has coke problem when his divorce itself took place bcoz of drugs issue. No husband will be happy seeing his wife always sloshed n drunk with her druggie friends.

        I know who else has a Coke issue. It is the “cocained” actress who is behind all these back to back blinds. She even put a blind linking Suzanne to Sid as soon as her father hoped they both get back.

  • November 14, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    his divorce because of Kanganа his bad boxing office because of Kanganа his coke habit is his problem. I hope soon this liar will disappear from Bollywood

    • November 14, 2018 at 10:25 pm

      I think Hrithik is the victim in the Hrithik-Kangana controversy. If he was guilty why would he go to the cops? Why did he have to deny the affair? He wasn’t married when it came out. Imagine someone telling the world that he/she was in a relationship with you, when in reality you barely know that person. Why does she mention him everytime her movie is up for release? Hrithik has a coke problem, did cheat on his wife & needs to up his bollywood game, but is innocent in the Kangana scandal.

      • November 17, 2018 at 10:53 am

        This is Kanganа’s victim in this scandal. This psycho Hrithik himself went on Twitter and himself confirmed that he was a stupid ex. now he hires paid bots to make Kangan guilty. he even pays the scandalous Rakhi Savant for her support. How can a person fall? but the fact remains that Hrithik in public and Hrithik behind the scenes are two different people. Hrithik behind the scenes has no moral principles at all; he even works with the Vikas predator! because he is a serial predator

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