Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Rising Star – 4th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a rising star who has managed to get the attention of a top bollywood producer.

This producer was outed by two women in the #MeToo movement. But he managed to escape thanks to his wife vouching for his character & his PR team publishing his ‘happy family’ pics(click here to read more). While a top star refused to star in his father’s biopic, he has barely suffered the consequences. He is yet to learn a lesson. He is back to his old ways.If this blind item is to be believed, his latest conquest is a hot dancer.

The dancer’s BF was cheating on her. She found out about it only after the gal got knocked up. But look how she has bounced back! She is probably on every guy’s wish list. But sadly she too has succumbed to taking shortcuts to make it big in bollywood. Some things will never change!

Blind Item

A rising young star, whose performance in a popular song from last year took her all over the world, is being mentored by one of the industry’s leading producers. One would think that she is a lucky girl. But the problem is that the said gent is taking such a keen interest in her career, the two are perennially in meetings. Now, now, don’t get any naughty ideas – the guy could probably be just doling out advice, right?

Our Guess

Young Star: Nora Fatehi
Producer: Bhushan Kumar


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