Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Romeo Romeo – 8th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a bollywood romeo who is married, but is trying to woo his ex-beau who is also in a happy marriage!

Trust Mumbai Mirror to start the week with the juiciest gossip & not give enough hints. While this blind item could be about any of the couples which have broken up & gotten married, we think it is about a superstar & his global star ex-beau. They both bumped into each other at a wedding recently & greeted each other warmly. There have rumors that the global star’s marriage is on the rocks, just a few months into their marriage. We had heard about the global star’s pop star husband being gay & their marriage being a PR stunt arranged by their talent agency.

The superstar on the other hand has had a horrible year at the box office. While he was the undisputed bollywood king from 2000-2008, he is not even among the top three stars now. He has to reinvent himself soon or risk being relegated to 8th or 9th position now that younger guns are catching up. While his contemporaries have also suffered, they have given hits recently. But in the superstar’s case, even his high profile movies directed by big shot directors flopped. We think he should be concentrating on his career instead of rekindling a failed romance.

Blind Item

WHAT is this we hear? These great pals and onetime lovers are apparently back together. While both are going steady with their respective spouses, we hear the hero is apparently trying hard to woo his heroine back. She has been warding off his advances so far, saying that is happy in her new relationship, but Romeo is in new mood to listen. Oh well, this is going to be an interesting year already.

Our Guess
Hero: Shahrukh Khan
Heroine: Priyanka Chopra


One thought on “Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Romeo Romeo – 8th April

  • April 8, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    The blind item is too generic and impossible to guess.
    The word Romeo could refer to the muscular hero whose movie just released and has Romeo in the title./ Then his heroine could be the dusky actress who was in a telephone scandal with a politician.

    Nah! the blind item is too generic to guess


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