Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Saala Superstar – 27th Feb

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about a Superstar Saala who is controlling his bro-in-law.
This Superstar Saala is the biggest name in the industry. He has seen many married men fall for the charms of leading ladies with whom they work with. His youngest brother is dating an actor, despite being married with kids. His other sibling’s wife divorced him, owing to her affair with a much younger actor. No wonder the superstar saala is unmarried at 52!
In an industry which is so promiscuous, it is natural for the over protective bhai to pass diktats to prevent his bro-in-law from getting naughty.

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TALES of this leading star’s drunken antics are loved by all, but reported only by us. It seems on his recent tipple binge, he was complaining to his friends how he controls his sister’s husband, also an actor. He has asked the production hands to keep a watch on the younger actor. His directorial crew has been instructed too—the actor isn’t allowed any kissing/hugging/ touching scenes with his female co-star. And the star has even appointed a minder, to report to him anything amiss in the young actor’s behaviour. Wow, and here we thought only heroines had watchdog mummies, that too, in the days of yore.

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Leading Star: Salman Khan
Sister’s Husband: Ayush Sharma

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