Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Screen Magic – 8th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a top actress who is hoping to star opposite a superstar & recreate some onscreen magic like they used to earlier.

She showed a lot of skin in her first movie. Her gorgeous looks won her a lot of fans. One among them was a superstar. He made his intentions clear & before anyone knew, they were dating. He introduced her to top producers, directors & actors. One among them was a superstar known for his philandering. The heroine’s BF was known to be very possessive about her. He would scold her for wearing short clothes in movies & doing romantic scenes with other heroes.

So when rumors of the heroine having an affair with the philandering superstar reached his ears, he is rumored to have thrown a fit. In order to get back at the philandering superstar, he is rumored to have gotten close to the philandering superstar’s wife at a party! The wife & the heroine’s BF had a co-starred in a movie several years back, but nothing happened back then. But in order to get back at their baes, they got close to each other. When the philandering superstar heard about his wife falling all over the heroine’s BF reached his ears, he is rumored to have called him up & given an earful. But the heroine’s BF – a bigger star than the philandering superstar, is rumored to have given it back with aplomb instead of apologizing to him. But then they did mend their fences & are known to be on friendly terms.

The heroine is then rumored to have hooked with her superstar BF’s rival – a handsome hunk known for his brawny physique. The rival too was in a steady relationship back then, so the affair ended after they were done shooting for their movie together. But her next affair, with a young heartthrob got serious. She dumped her superstar BF in favor of the young heartthrob. But he dumped her after learning about her shady past from his parents(click here to read more).

She is now rumored to be back with her superstar BF, who is now also the reigning box office king. We would suggest her to try to rekindle her equation with the philandering superstar instead of spending time with the leading filmmaker.

Blind Item

OF late, the tide has ebbed for this once numero uno actress. She has been spending all her time at a leading filmmaker’s office trying to bag a role in a film that top-lines a superstar she has given a few mega hits with. There were so many blockbusters that much talk arose of a rumoured love affair between the two, which, of course, she went blue-faced denying. Hoping to create the same screen magic with this superstar and hit filmmaker, she hopes for another to revive her slipping career.

Our Guess

Actress: Katrina Kaif
Leading filmmaker: Karan Johar/Rohit Shetty
Superstar: Akshay Kumar


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