Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Secret Tweaks – 15th Feb

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Mumbai Mirror has pubished a blind item about a maverick director making some tweaks in the action scenes of his upcoming movie, but not keeping an actor in the loop.

The most discussed aspect of this upcoming movie till date has been the romance between its lead stars. What started off as a relationship which could culminate into marriage, seems to have run into rough weather(click here to read more). But the BF was seen attending the movie screening of his beau’s latest release yesterday! We wonder what is up with them.

Thanks to the media coverage given to the couple, people seem to have forgotten the director & the presence of a veteran superstar in the movie. The veteran recently starred in a colossal flop, which had a superstar in the lead. He is hoping this film does the trick But he certainly won’t be pleased when he realizes that he wasn’t kept in the loop. The director seems to have forgotten that the veteran superstar starred in his father production in the 90’s as well. he obviously won’t be mincing words when he gives them both a piece of his mind.

But then again, this may be a fake blind. The producer in question is notorious for doing it. How do you think Mumbai Mirror came to know about this secret, which even the veteran superstar is unaware of?

Blind Item

IT is touted to be one of the most expensive films to be ever made, and its making hasn’t been without its share of hiccups. Despite a stellar star cast, it seems that the maverick director isn’t too happy with some of the scenes involving one of the film’s biggest actors. We hear the action scenes didn’t look too convincing, so the director is redoing them in a VFX lab. The fun bit here is that he hasn’t told the actor in question of his tweaks.

Our Guess

Film: Brahmashtra
Star Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan
Director: Ayaan Mukherjee


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