Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Shelved Biopic – 5th Dec

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This blind item from Mumbai Mirror is about a biopic which got shelved. As predicted by us in our article on the Padmavati controversy, film makers will shy away from topics which could even remotely create an issue. They will stick to masala or fantasy related themes. This keeps everyone happy.
The star mentioned in the blind has signed up some interesting films. Next up for release is a biopic based on another superstar, which is helmed by the most successful director of the country as of now. He has also signed on to star in a mythological-fantasy drama produced by a big shot producer.
Not much has been heard about his latest conquest – a paki actress with whom he was papped. They continue to meet each other abroad regularly. His mom on the other hand wants him to find a good punjabi girl & get settled.

Blind Item
THIS leading actor has walked out of a highly-anticipated film based on real events citing scripting issues (we hear the story was getting a bit too controversial for his squeaky clean image) and scheduling problems. The biopic has reportedly been in the pipeline for over a year, but the actor has moved on to other films and does not want to associate with the project anymore. To top that, the film, which was expected to go on floors early next year, has been shelved altogether since the makers are not keen to re-cast the project.

Our Guess:
Leading Actor: Ranbir Kapoor
Biopic: Kishore Kumar biopic

Kishore Kumar Biopic Has Been Shelved