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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Shrewd Manager – 7th Feb

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about a shrewd manager
He was a superstar, but his record at the box office was inconsistent. While he was the biggest star in the late 90’s, he had a patchy record in the early 2000’s. His womanizing ways meant he had little mind space to think about his career. He signed movies with all well wishers to reaffirm his big brother image. It was this shrewd manager who stepped in & changed his career around.
When he had a huge fallout with another superstar in the year 2008, very few people would have bet on him. His rival was the numero uno star back then & this superstar had delivered a huge dud. But as luck would have had it,this superstar emerged victorious. Most of his movies break BO records. His rival’s movies on the other hand have been flopping. Many credit his success to his manager. But people forget that he was a superstar even before he met her!

Blind Item
THIS superstar who parted ways with his long-time talent management agency on a not-sopleasant note some time ago, finds himself still bound by an old contract. The agency still gets a share of money he makes on a big brand, that he had signed while working with them. The actor and his dad are trying their darnest to get the agency out of the picture by cracking a deal with them. But the agency is simply refusing to let go of the prized contract that has been getting them big bucks, at least for now.

Our Guess:
Superstar: Salman Khan
Talent Manager: Reshma Shetty


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