Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Shrewd Paa – 8th Jan

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Mumbai Mirror’s latest blind item is about one shrewd paa, who is also a megastar.
While the Paa is considered by many to be the greatest actor/star to have ever worked in Bollywood, sonny boy is struggling with his career. It doesn’t help that he is married to an ex-Miss World, who herself starred in several hits. She did rule Bollywood, for a short period of time. It must pain him to see that even his daughter gets more attention than him.
Truth be told, he is not a big failure. he did star in several hits, out of which he was the solo lead in one. He was considered to be a heart throb & had legions of female fans. But a few bad choices in films & he was written of. He was back to being clubbed as a failure. There are several other stars who are half as successful, but are not considered as failures as they don’t have the kind of pedigree that he has. It is not that easy being the son of a super successful father peeps!

Blind Item

AMONG the many travails of parenting is this: being a successful actor well in your vintage while your child is a struggling star. Enough of our senior actor friends have faced this. But Mr Inventive has devised a new plan to keep his progeny’s career alive. No, it isn’t a two-for-price-of-one strategy, that apparently was tried, tested and tossed. The name of the game is second coming: first make a film with the struggling young one, then the senior signs your next film. Wow.

Our Guess:
Struggling Star: Abhishek Bachchan
Senior Actor: Amitabh Bachchan


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