Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) - Sleepless Nights - 1st May

Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Sleepless Nights – 1st May

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a star who is having sleepless nights owing to his latest movie flopping & his rival’s movie becoming a blockbuster
He has an unblemished record at the box office. He has starred in several superhits. His on screen & off screen chemistry with his debut co-star has been the talk of the town.To be fair, his last movie outing was not a commercial one. It belonged more to the indie genre with limited appeal. To compare it to his so called rival’s outright action movie is unfair. The star’s last commercial entertainer, which was a remake of a huge hit of the 90’s grossed more than 100cr at the box office. This star is senior to his rival by several years as well.

click here His rival is living a dream. He has quietly built himself a good fan base. People love him in action packed roles. As the reigning superstar will tell you, in the long run it is the star who is good in action movies who ends up trumping in rivals at the box office.

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BOLLYWOOD’S darling seems to be having a bad case of nerves, we hear. His latest outing has been such a dud, he just isn’t able to explain it away. The actor — known to be among the most bankable young stars — has always planned his filmography by alternating between serious and commercial movies. But his latest film has tanked, even as his biggest competitor’s (yes another) action extravaganza has gone blockbuster. And that is giving him sleepless nights. Well, what can we say except that a little angst is good for one’s art. Our Guess
Bollywood’s darling: Varun Dhawan
Latest Film: October
Competitor: Tiger Shroff. His Baaghi2 is a huge hit

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