Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Sugar Mommy – 30th June

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a “sugar mommy” whose clout has led to her boy toy bagging two projects.

This is classic women empowerment. While we are used to hearing about male celebs who grant favors to their female protege’s, the tables have now been turned. While there are not too many hints about the actor, this blind item is talking about we think it is about this TV star.

This TV star had a dream TV debut. She was the most popular faces on TV. She was about to get married to a bollywood hottie, but the romance fizzled out. An MMS featuring her too made the rounds when she was dating him. It turned out that the MMS was morphed. We hop things work between her & her new paramour.

Blind Item

WHILE we have heard of sugar daddies, we suppose with so many older women dating younger men, it’s now time for sugar mommies. Particularly in the case of this beautiful actor and TV host. Her young paramour, who hasn’t had much luck in the movie business, will soon be seen in meaty roles in two upcoming films. Coincidentally, both the films are backed by a major production house whose owner is besties with the lady. So nice.

Our Guess

Sugar Mommy: Mona Singh
Bestie: Ekta Kapoor
Paramour: ?


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