Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror)- Superstardom- 19th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actor who has become arrogant thanks to his new found superstardom.

Everybody who knows him speaks of him as a polite & well behaved individual. So it is shocking to hear that this actor is letting success go to his head. He is pure dynamite on screen. He is a natural when it comes to action movies, thanks to his physique & fighting skills. That explains why his movies are such massive hits(click here to read more)

Celebs often say that people change their behaviour towards them once they achieve superstardom. It is possible that the actor is just feeling shy to speak to his co-stars or just isn’t fond of them. His recent box office success may have nothing to do with it

Blind Item
WE didn’t think success would go to the head of this good boy-gone-great star so soon. Only a few months ago, he would plead with journalists interviewing him to be kind, as he was sincere and hardworking and hoping for a big hit. Now that his film has achieved blockbuster status, he sings a different tune. His newfound arrogance is especially seen on the sets of his new bigticket film. His two co-stars complain he doesn’t even talk to them on the sets.

Our Guess
Good Boy: Tiger Shroff
Co-stars: Tara Sutaria & Ananya Pandey

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