Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Surrogate Babies – 29th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about surrogate babies of Bollywood.
One of the parents the blind item speaks about is a director- producer- award shows & TV shows host – reality show judge. He was rumored to be hooking up with his mentor, who was also a megastar. The megastar dumped him for a superstar actor who is now a globally renowned star. Since then, he has had a toy boy whose films he produces. There were rumors of his closeness to a pakistani import as well. Many believe that this paki import finds mention in his autobiography as well. He has revealed a lot in his autobiography, including hints about his sexual orientation. Not much has been written about his sexcapedes with the megastar though. Surprisingly he had admitted to paying for sex on his trips abroad.
There were rumors that the last movie that he directed was based on his relationship with the megastar. The lead actor loses the heroine to cancer. Apparently the actor whom the megastar hooked up with is also a cancerian!
But we are happy for him though. He is now enjoying the joys of parenthood. People who are unable to conceive due to their sexual orientation too can experience parenthood thanks to advancement in technology.

Blind Item
A leading south Mumbai doctor has been making the right kind of noises in celebrity circles. He is well-known as the surrogacy specialist for not just city folk looking to grow their families, but also those from across India. His speciality –other than a great success rate, of course – is in offering Caucasian eggs to baby hopefuls. For example, a man can offer his bits to an unknown Caucasian woman’s egg, and a local surrogate will carry it to term. We hear several well-known families have opted for this. Just look for very fair kids or ones with blonde hair.

Our Guess
Doctor: Jatin Shah
Celebrity: Karan Johar

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