Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – The Thespian – 20th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published an article about a thespian who took too much time on deciding whether or not to take a role in a movie

He is a celebrated actor known for his acting prowess. The only thing fishy about him is his love for the illegal green thingy that he smokes or should we say smokes up! There have been no rumors of him cheating on his wife or anything remotely unacceptable. Such celebs are bad for our business!
The star of the movie in question though is living a colorful life. Rumor has it that the A-lister is hooking up with his co-star from the movie. It is their second film together. Post his breakup with a top actor, he was rumored to hook up only with AD’s, background dancers etc. But looks like he couldn’t resist the charms of this heroine. The weird part is despite the superstar’s actor wife being informed about their affair by their friends, she chose to turn a blind eye. This superstar sure does know how to have his cake & eat it as well.

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A well-regarded thespian, much loved for his immersive histrionics, was given the skip in a current hit film. It seems he was approached by the film’s makers with a bound script, and a meaty role in it. But the actor is known to have a 60-day window for reading scripts, in which not only does he read them, but is also known to suggest changes. Now, the makers were in a hurry to start their film, so they went to a much younger actor, who was only too happy to step in. As for the thespian’s many fans, who can hardly wait to see him on screen again, it seems the wait will be much, much longer than a mere 60 days.

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Thespian: Naseeruddin Shah
Movie: Raid

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