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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Thespian’s Son – 31st July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a thespian’s son who was slapped for misbehaving with the wife of a producer at their party.

Thespian’s are known for their immense love for their craft. Two thespians have made a name for themselves in Bollywood as well(click here to read more). While one was the leading actor in small budget films the other is a character actor. While the senior among these two is into drama completely, the junior actor has shown interest in politics. The character actor’s wife is also a politician.

Sadly neither can boast of having a successful star son. Be it drama or movies neither of them have kids who are in the same league as them. while their fathers have a squeaky clean image, the same can’t be said of their sons.

Blind Item
THE son of a thespian, an actor himself has been barred from a lot of private parties in the industry. The stylish young man, who is known to have a glad eye, also loves his drink. We hear he can barely hold onto his glass after a little elbow-bending. Not too long ago, he inappropriately touched the beautiful and sassy wife of a leading producer. Within minutes, the producer got to know of it, went up to the actor and slapped him. The episode was never reported, despite there being many spectators.

Our Guess
Thespian: Anupam Kher or Naseeruddin Shah
Son: Sikander Kher or Imaad/Vivaan Shah

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