Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Three Is Not A Crowd – 11th July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about two actresses who are involved with the director of an upcoming movie. Three is not a crowd for them!

This is the second blind item published by Mumbai Mirror about this director & his “casting decisions”(click here to read more). Sad how actresses will go to any lengths to survive in the Bollywood jungle. This sleazy director seems to be having his share of fun.Sadly till such actresses don’t stop sleeping around, the casting couch practice will never go out of practice.

One of the actresses mentioned was earlier hooking up with the producer of her debut film. The producer was accused of favoring her over the lead hero. The producer is married to an actress who plays supporting roles. Sadly his movies have not been doing as well as they used to.

Blind Item
THIS not too young but still single filmmaker is having the time of his life. Sure, his new movie promises to be riotous fun. But we hear he is ensuring his two leading ladies are kept especially comfortable. Only a few weeks ago, we had informed you that he was particularly close to one of them, and often spotted on coffee dates with her. Now we hear he is also spending time with his second leading lady, a pretty young thing who we haven’t seen since her epic debut. Well, three is certainly not a crowd here.

Our Guess
Single Filmmaker: Sajid Khan
New Movie: Housefull4
Leading Ladies: Kiara Advani & Pooja Hegde

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