Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Trying To Reinvent – 23rd July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a washed out actor who is trying to reinvent himself as a director, but is not getting any help.

It is sad how this actor’s career has panned out. Unlike other actors, neither did this actor indulge in affairs nor did he have a drug/alcohol habit. This other actor on the other hand who the media pitted him against, has had a string of affairs with actresses & suffers from a cocaine addiction. While his rival’s career too was going downward, a recent superhit has put him back in the reckoning. Looks like people love stars who lead a colorful life. But then again his rival is more talented than him(click here to read more).

But hard work always pays off. He is a good person & we are sure that he will make it as a director. After all he has one of the most powerful people in Bollywood on his side. But we are surprised as to why his ‘mamu’ hasn’t been helping him lately.

Blind Item
THIS one-time leading actor had a sparkling debut not too long ago, and a starting run that could be called enviable. But before one knew it, he just had no work at all. Nope, not even from his famous relatives. In a bid to reinvent himself, he has turned into a director. But he hasn’t found any producers despite looking for one for over a year.

Nope, not even from his famous family. We do hope, though, that his film is made. Everyone deserves a second chance, no?

Our Guess
Actor: Imran Khan
Famous Family: Aamir Khan

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