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Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Turbulent Patch – 8th Nov

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a newly married actor who is facing a turbulent patch in her marriage.

This blind item speaks about a recently married actor, who is also a new mom. But the actor we could think of is not a mother yet. She is pregnant though. There have been reports of her husband having an affair(click here to read more). Turns out the affair is with an old friend from London. Things are going downhill for the actor, who thought she bagged the proverbial prince. After all his family is worth 2000 crores!

But as the adage goes, money can’t buy happiness. It is sad how the marriage is crumbling just a few months after that lavish wedding. The wedding budget went overboard, die to which they had to request brands to sponsor it!

Blind Item

THIS young actor, who recently got married and is also a new mom, is going through a turbulent patch. We hear there is much strife between her husband and her. He has been spending a lot of time in London, and if loose talk is to be believed, he is romantically involved with an old friend of his. The actor is said to be quite anguished by this. She has not discussed this with anyone, not even her illustrious parents.

Our Guess

Young Actor: Sonam K Ahuja
Illustrious Parents: Sunita & Anil Kapoor


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