Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Unkind Box Office – 11th June

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about an actor who used to be an A-lister. But thanks to an unkind box office, no heroine wants to star opposite him in his next movie.

He is an A-lister’s nephew. He had a fabulous debut. He was the new chocolate boy hero in town. Unlike other stars who bed multiple women post gaining success, he stayed loyal to his GF & even married her. Bets were placed as to whether he will beat another young heartthrob in the box office race. The young heartthrob & the actor in question are poles apart – one is a philanderer, while the other is loyal to his long time GF(whom the young heartthrob dates many moons ago). This actor has no disturbing habits to speak of, while the young heartthrob is known to snort the white substance. But at the box office race acting talent alone matters. While the actor in question has limited range, the young heartthrob is known for his versatility. That explains why this actor is forgotten while the young heartthrob is on his way to rule Bollywood in the near future. Sadly for this actor love stories are not finding favor at the box office. He was 10 years late.

Like an actress recently told an entertainment portal, entertainment is a cruel industry. Once popular actors, with die hard fans & producers seeking an appointment are treated like lepers post their career dipping. Many actors & filmmmakers find it difficult to cope with the sudden loss of their stardom & status. The perks of being a celebrity can spoil you, but the day you lose your celebrity status is when shit hits the roof.

Blind Item

NOT too long ago, this handsome actor was counted among the A-listers in the movie business, thanks to a fabulous debut and several mega projects that followed. But, thanks to an unkind box office, he is a desperate man now. In fact, he seems to be having trouble even finding a heroine. We hear that cutie’s next film has stalled, as two leading ladies have walked out of the project expressing reservations about working with the actor. It is an unusual situation, because there are also several female actors with an empty date diary

Well, who doesn’t love a good comeback?

Our Guess
Actor: Imran Khan

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