Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Second Lead – 14th March

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Mumbai Mirror has posted a blind item about a star who is unable to get someone to play the second lead in his upcoming movie.
He himself started off as a second lead post his flop debut & took several years to carve himself a niche in Bollywood. Post several years of solo hits, looks like his career is back to square one. It has been quite sometime since he has starred in a bonafide hit. He has fathered a child in the interim, with his much younger bollywood hottie wife.
This story is a grim reminder of Bollywood treats failure. One day you are counted among the top 5 male stars, a few flops & no one wants to be seen in a movie starring you! Not even as the second lead!
Speaking of this star who was once the quintessential second lead, there were rumors of being him part of a gay coterie which included the then reigning superstar, a top Bollywood producer-director-host & a model turned actor. The rumors weren’t strong though. We do not have reliable sources who would confirm the rumor.

Blind Item
LADY Luck doesn’t want to smile upon this talented but ageing actor anytime soon. His last few films have been famous duds, and his next film has a promising new director. The problem is that he in the lead role, and needs a co-star to play the second-lead. Thanks to the actor’s poor box-office fate, no one seems to want to sign on. It’s rather unfair we think, as second chances come when you least expect them.

Our Guess
Ageing Actor: Saif Ali Khan

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