Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Verbal Commitments – 18th July

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a leggy leading lady who is backing out on her verbal commitments made to her director.

This leading lady’s career has been revived thanks to her mentor with whom she shares a complicated relationship(click here to read more). She put her her career on the back burner with hopes of settling down with her young heart throb BF. But her BF’s parents spoiled her party. But thanks to her mentor, she bagged a plum project, which was a huge hit. She is now back in the reckoning.

But rubbing industry folk the wrong way might cost her dear. After all the industry works on relationships. Her womanizing mentor can only do so much for her.

Blind Item
MUCH of the movie business is still done on verbal commitments, and most people are known to keep them. The ones who don’t cannot be trusted, and the news of their perfidy spreads faster than it would if it were just cheating on a lover. Which is why this leggy leading lady needs to worry. She had committed to one of her directors that she would perform an item number in his next film. But their last outing failed miserably. So she’s fobbed him off, saying she has no dates. The director has now signed on a lesser known actor, but isn’t happy with being left high and dry.

Our Guess
Leading Lady: Katrina Kaif
Directors: Abhishek Kapoor

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