Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Veteran Heroine – 14th March

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a veteran heroine who is back to throwing her weight around, now that her latest movie has been declared a hit.

She was the nation’s darling. She broke a million hearts when she married a surgeon in the US. But behind the facade of being a sweetheart was one shrewd woman. She dated most of her co-stars in the 90’s. Right from the two mustachioed regular co-stars, to the star who got embroiled in a terrorism case, to one of the members of the ruling superstar triumvirate. Sources inform us that she did spend time at a renowned director’s bungalow in Madh island to bag a big project(click here to read more).

She moved to the US & lived as a regular citizen for a few years before her husband realized the kind of money the wife was capable of making. Why live as common folk when one could live the life of a celebrity. He hoped that his wife would be the toast of town & he too could demand a hefty sum for his services at any hospital. But he apparently asked for way too much. The wife’s career too bombed post her comeback. It has taken her a long time to be back among the hits. Sadly failure hasn’t thought her any modesty.

Blind Item

A veteran heroine, who has been struggling to revive her career for years, has just tasted success with one of her ensemble films becoming a hit. She also has high expectations of her next, with another ensemble cast, whose trailers are already catching eyeballs. Needless to stay, the memsahib’s starry airs are back full throttle. Someone remind her that stars today are far more professional than they were in her salad days.

Our Guess

Veteran Heroine: Madhuri Dixit
Next Movie: Kalank


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