Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – WAG Worries – 28th June

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a handsome cricketer facing WAG issues.

mujeres solteras brasil WAG(Wives & girlfriends) is a term coined by british footballers. But this term has found acceptance among Indian paparazzi & citizens as well. It is a well known fact that women have a huge say in their husbdand’s/BF’s dealings. Cricketers are no different. This movie star mentioned in the blind item is likely the one with whom her husband was rumored to have an affair several years back. But then the movie star also dated his colleague. Ouch!

follow site Speaking of the handsome cricketer, he is one smart cookie. He is rumored to entertain women in his hotel room during match season. But makes sure that his conquests leave the hotel room, before the missus & daughter arrive to spend time with him. As he doesn’t have a full blown affair with any of them, these escapedes never make the news. Besides he is not the only cricketer who is a secret womanizer(click here to read more) site de rencontre arabe sérieux Blind Item
THE cricket world is under a lot of stress these days, and the apex court-ordered committee is suddenly the least of its worries. A far greater problem is being posed by WAGs of the players – an impolite acronym for wives and girlfriends. We hear the ladies are calling the shots where these men play and who they campaign for. Not too long ago, the very pretty WAG of this very handsome player was responsible for him not doing an ad with a leading movie star. Now, the same WAG wants him to break up with his manager and best friend of over a decade and sign on a management company of her choice. But will this headstrong player listen to her? Well, he usually does. watch Our Guess
Handsome Cricketer: MS Dhoni
WAG: Sakshi Dhoni
Best Friend: Arun Pandey – Owner of Rhiti Sports

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