Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Witty Superstar – 13th Dec

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about this Witty Superstar & an annoying actor.

The superstar who was once the undisputed king of Bollywood is now struggling for a hit. How the mighty have fallen! He has always been known for his arrogance & quick wit. Thankfully he hasn’t changed his witty self over the years. Arrogance & ego I am sure must have taken a beating over the years.
Rumor has it that he still does meet up with his second wife, whenever she finds time from her hectic Hollywood career. She is the only true blue crossover star. His personal life is not as rosy as it looks. His wife is a coke addict. The weirdest rumor is that his third child is actually’s his first child’s offspring!

Blind Item
A superstar actor seems to be yet another from the industry who this young actor has rubbed the wrong way. We hear the two actors met at an event recently, where the young gun proceeded to tell the superstar how his imitation of the superstar was better than the senior actor’s performance itself. The senior, well-loved for his quicksilver tongue, retorted by saying: “I have two dubbing sessions tomorrow. Why don’t you fill in for me?” Cough, cough.

Our Guess:
Superstar: Shahrukh Khan