Blind Item(Mumbai Mirror) – Young Debutante – 26th April

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Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about a young debutante.
This young debutante is the daughter of a legendary actress. Her mother is probably the biggest female superstar Bollywood has ever seen. Unlike other superstars, she truly was a pan Indian superstar. Rumors of the superstar’s husband murdering her refuse to die.
The superstar was alive, when her daughter signed on her first film. The movie is a remake of a monster hit in a regional language. Unfortunately the legendary actor won’t be able around when the young debutante’s movie releases. We do hope that, the movie succeeds in a big way.
There are rumors that, she is in dating her on-screen hero. They have gotten closer post her mother’s untimely demise. Besides young debutantes tend to end up dating.

Blind Item
THIS young debutante, whose first film was announced with much fanfare, seems to be getting a less than warm welcome from the industry. Touted as the next-big-thing of her generation, she is yet to sign on her next film. We hear very few filmmakers have shown interest in her, as most are playing the wait-and watch game. If her debut clicks, she’ll have a golden career. If not, well then, there’s enough room in this industry for everyone.

Our Guess
Young Debutante: Janhvi Kapoor
Film: Dhadhak

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